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Paint Finishes

at a Glance

Selecting the best paint finish (or sheen) depends on the application & look you’re going for. There are 6 common paint sheens used in interior & exteriors:

  1. Flat 

  2. Matte 

  3. Eggshell 

  4. Satin or Pearl

  5. Semi-Gloss

  6. High-Gloss


A flat sheen is the least reflective & least durable, but has good coverage & hides imperfections. It is most often used for low-traffic areas like ceilings.


A high-gloss sheen is the most reflective & durable. This finish is easy to clean & wipe down but can show imperfections. It is most often used for detailing, doors, trim & cabinetry. 

We created a cheat sheet for you below!

Paint Finishes.jpg
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